Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Within Reach

"Hey babe!" I yelled out as I came home from the gym. I assumed he was still asleep.

It was after 1:30 in the afternoon on a Saturday. I know he was dog tired from working hard all week.

"Hey Love!" he yelled out. I was glad to hear his 'just waking baritone' and smiled as I began walking towards him.

He was still in the bed, but propped up. "Hey handsome," I said with a smile, "just waking up?"

"Yeah," he said with a chuckle. I laughed with him, "technically it's still early." Noting our multiple 3:30PM wake up calls on the weekends.

I began taking my clothes off in preparation for the most epic shower ever. I have to admit, training dirty in the gym was physically rewarding and sexually arousing.

"What time is it? He asked.

"After 1:30," I exclaimed, gathering ingredients for the shower:

  • Milk and honey bath bar
  • Charcoal soap
  • Peppermint shower gel

Can't forget those!

I distinctly heard him grunt, "I guess I'll get up."

I chuckled to myself. He's silly. I said to myself entering the bathroom.

I turned on my favorite playlist and took half a J out of my stash and lit up closing the bathroom door. The smokey clouds encircled my head and I began to drift into a calm and cozy place. I ran the bath water and turned on the shower. I let the hot water hit my skin, letting the steam and pulsating water massage away the day. The haze was starting to help my mind drift and make my body vibrate. My playlist started to make me tingle all over with lyrics about passionate love making and ravenous fuck fests. I started caressing my skin, enjoying the sensation of my wet finger tips. I drew circles all over my breasts, stomach, legs, and ass. I encircled my breasts with a tight grip and palmed my nipples before pinching them firmly. I was moving past arousal.

I let my hands trail from my breasts to the softness of my velvety mound. I always love that 6 o'clock shadow that forms just before a wax is due. It reminds me of how his beard feels against my thighs . I entered my pussy with my middle finger, stirring up the heat that was building inside of me. She was wet, juicy, telling me with the frequency of each pulse that she wanted to be filled. She was ready to be handled. She needed a fix.

I willed my lover to join me in the shower wanting to make my private fantasy a shared reality.

"Babe!" I said seductively. I heard the water turn off at the sink. He came to the shower door almost immediately, startling me when he responded, "Yes Love."

"Mmmm. I think I need some help in here. There's a spot I can't reach." I said, turning my head slowly to him with my back facing him. He smiled a wily smile. He wanted me as much as I wanted him and the shower was going to be our meeting ground. He walked away taking off his shirt. I continued to grope myself, stimulating my magic button. He entered the shower, standing close to me. I could feel the bulge of his dick against my ass. I leaned into him, letting him spoon me while standing. He began to grow.

I put on my loofah gloves and poured the peppermint shower gel in my hands. I rubbed my palms together until I got a thick lather. I started rubbing his neck and behind his ears. Facing him, I reached for a kiss. My shortness lessened by standing on my tip toes. He leaned in and kissed me with a lingering embrace. I caressed his shoulders and started rubbing his back letting the suds build against his skin. He held me tighter. I could feel his dick growing firmly against my thighs. With each deep breath, his dick rubbed again my clit sending electric charges all over my body. His tongue played a slinky dance in my ears. With his warm breath, he whispered the intricacies of his private fantasy to me. He grabbed my ass, grazing my clit as he reached under me.

I want to know who can make you wetter; my head or the shower head.

I would have chuckled had it not been for the sensation of his fingers slowly entering my ass. I thought I would lose my balance from the shear pleasure of his anal play. With his other hand, he grabbed my breast and leaned in to engulf it with his mouth. I leaned backward against the wall, the water above drumming against his back. We swiveled and I was on the opposite side facing the shower head and his back turned to it. He guided me to the built in seat, securing his middle appendage firmly between my butt cheeks. He slowly dropped down to his knees. I watched him, unable to form words. He was reaching spots I indeed couldn't reach.

His breath was warm against my budding clit. His tongue flicked one time and I thought I had passed out. It was hard to keep up with the mini tremors that were flowing through me. He kissed my hot button passionately. Without saying a word he told her how much he missed her, I was just there to bear witness. His fingers did a dance inside me making my tight hole open up more for him. I caressed the back of his head as he continued to speak to my body in a way that only my soul could understand.

With his thumb, he traced the opening of my pussy and slowly moved it in and out of it. His free hand rubbed my nipples like he was turning a knob to his favorite radio station. My moans were on the playlist. He continued to stimulate me with the most determination. As my body began to arch, his dick announced its arrival when it grazed my foot. I couldn't take it anymore.

I was heading to nirvana.

The orgasm started in my ass. The contractions rippling huge deep waves through me. My pussy clinched holding on to his thumb tightly. His kisses enveloped my clit making me convulse violently. He grabbed my breast firmly keeping me steady. My moans turned to cries as I had the biggest orgasm I've ever had.

The steam continued to rise as I regained composure. He smiled at me as he rose, kissing me on his way up and extending his hand. With the loofah gloves still on, I took his hand and stood up. He turned around and let the water run over his head. I added more soap to my hands and continued to exfoliate and finish washing his body. From behind, I scrubbed his chest and stomach, slowly traveling down his happy trail to his key to paradise. I grabbed him lightly and let the softness of the gloves tease him. I stroked him gently. His moans let me know that he was more than ready to see the promised land.

I let the water wash the soap off of his body and moved in front of him. I guided him to the very throne that had been the place of his last conquest. Giving him a playful smile, I slowly kneeled between him. I came face to face to his master key and let my mouth unlock his pleasure. He moaned deeply. The water from the shower head rained over us as I started to take him further and further into my mouth. Inch by inch I took him in until he reached the back of my throat. I held him there in that position and hummed. His moans adding a bass line to my melody. I deep throated him under our private cascade. He started pumping faster into my mouth letting me know his orgasm was imminent.

I grabbed the side of his buttocks, gripping him tightly. He grabbed the back of my head controlling each stroke while I sucked him back into submission. My tongue led a trail from the tip of his dick to the base and back to the tip before I deep throated and sucked him ravenously. He grabbed the back of my head with one last stroke before releasing a load of his warm cream on to the back of my tongue. I sucked him until he begged me to stop and swallowed the last of his DNA.

He regained his composure and commenced to rubbing my wet body with soap. He helped me wash off before kissing me on my neck gently on his way out of the shower. I shuddered. We both knew that was my spot. I lingered in the shower, letting my hands trail from my breasts to the softness of my velvety mound. Stirring up the heat that was building inside me. She was wetter, juicier, telling me with the frequency of each pulse that she was ready for the next fix.

I turned off the shower and stepped out into the cool air.

"Babe." I called out. "Need some help?"

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